Work with us


The Digital Serbia Initiative is open for co-operation with companies and organisations sharing our vision and capable of providing a significant contribution to achieving of our goals. We are open for discussion with companies and organisations about various forms of partnership.


Membership in our organisation involves providing support in designing and implementing activities we define together. Through participation in our working groups, all members invest the expertise, experience, resources and dedication of their high-level management and operational teams.

Unlike Associate Members, Full Members delegate representatives that are on the organisation’s Assembly and can be appointed as members of our Management Board. Full Members cover the full amount of the annual membership fee, while Associate Members pay half of the amount.


Regardless of the membership, we are also open for partnership with individuals, organisations and companies from different parts of the digital ecosystem that can help us achieve the objectives set out in our Manifesto.

We don’t expect the Friends of the organisation to cover our membership fees, but to actively contribute to our activities by offering knowledge, experience, expertise and existing capacities.

Work with us

If you recognise your own goals in the story of the Digital Serbia Initiative and would like us to work together, get in touch

Should you express interest in joining us as a member of the organisation, we will have this in mind when discussing direction of our further expansion and might approach you.