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The Digital Serbia Initiative is open for co-operation with companies and organisations sharing our vision and capable of providing a significant contribution to achieving of our goals. Becoming involved in the Digital Serbia Initiative means enabling access to a network of extremely successful players gathered around a major ambitious goal –  the digital transformation of our country. We are open for discussion with companies and organisations about various forms of co-operation that we will define through the status of our member, partner or friend.


This is the most comprehensive form of participation in our work. It involves providing support in designing and implementing activities we define together. All members invest the expertise, experience, resources and dedication of their high-level management and operational teams. Member representatives are active throughout all of our fields of work and participating in managing bodies of the organisation. All members are obliged to cover full amount of the annual fee.


This form of co-operation is best suited for companies and organisations with professional knowledge related to a certain segment of our work. Joining our team means exchanging experience, joining forces and initiating change we will all be proud of. Knowledge of the single area of our activities that a partner brings is a source of great strength to the entire organization. Our partners are obliged to cover partial amount of the annual fee.


The Digital Serbia Initiative is also open for co-operation in individual activities that are important steps in the digital transformation of our society. We wish to co-operate with individuals, organizations and companies that see an advantage in initiating programmes to change Serbia. We don’t expect financial support from friends, but active contribution to our activities through expertise and existing capacities.

Contact us

If you recognise your own goals and those of your organisation in the story of the Digital Serbia Initiative and you feel you could significantly help us reach our goals, get in touch  to discuss how we could work together.