About us


Digital Serbia Initiative is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with the strategic goal of developing a strong, globally competitive digital economy in Serbia.

Founded by the leading digital players in the country, we combine the forces of more than 30 member-organisations from all sectors relevant for the growth of a digital ecosystem – including tech, banking and finance, telco, consulting, legal, education and research, media, pharmaceutical, and startup support organisations.

We aim to create a business environment that serves the digital economy by investing in strategic programmes in the areas of formal and informal education, startup ecosystem development, legal and regulatory frameworks, digital infrastructure and public dialogue on digital transformation.

Why are we doing this? We are united by a desire to make an important contribution to progress and a better future for Serbia over the coming decade. We want to make use of the current global Industrial Revolution 4.0, to turn its challenges into opportunities and come out as winners. To make this happen, we initiate social changes we will all be proud of.

Our Executive Office

Nebojša Bjelotomić


Miloš Nešović

Marketing and Communications Director

Nataša Škrbić

Program Director for the Startup Ecosystem

Bojana Tomić-Brkušanin

Director for Operations and Regulatory Affairs

Ljuba Ivanović

Venture An Idea, Project Activity Manager

Tadej Kurepa

Project Manager

Marija Janjušević

Venture An Idea, Marketing and Communications Manager

Dušan Romčević

Manager of Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Nina Tasić

Venture An Idea, Finance and Operations Manager

Đurđina Caković

Venture An Idea, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Ana Čarapina

Project Co-ordinator and Business Analyst

Maja Koželj

Venture An Idea, Finance and Operations Coordinator

Miljana Mihailović

Office and Finance Co-ordinator

Tatjana Milić

Venture An Idea, Project Implementation Analyst

Tijana Stefanović

Business Analyst and Project Co-ordinator

Neda Trifunović

Project Co-ordinator and Business Analyst

Sanja Vatić

Sanja Vatić

Communications and Event Co-ordinator

Our Management Board

Nikola Čavić

Nordeus, Head of Business Development

Olga Mirković Maksimović

Ringier Axel Springer, New Product Development Manager

Tadej Kurepa

Microsoft Development Centar Srbija, Community Manager

Petar Stakić

Infostud Group, Head of Corporate Communications

Filip Banković

Telekom Srbija, Executive Director for Technical Affairs

Marija Vujanić

Telenor, Communications and Sustainability Director

Nikola Kasagić

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Senior Consultant

Aleksandar Budić

Seven Bridges Genomics, Director of Finance

General Assembly
(Full Member Representatives)

Nenad Zeljković

A1, Senior Technology Director

Vesna Bengin

Biosense, Vice President

Denis Ristić

Catena Media, General Manager

Zoran Vasiljev

Centili, Group CEO

Milovan Milić

DevTech, Founder & CEO

Milica Marković

DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions, New Business & Communications Director

Milan Simić

EneTel Solutions, CEO

Darko Petrović

FIS, Managing Director

Jan Dolinaj

Levi9, Country Manager

Branko Greganović

NLB banka, CEO

Vuk Kosovac

OTP bank, Head of Retail/Member of Executive Board

Vuk Popović

Quantox, Founder

Ana Govedarica

Roche, General Manager

Dragoljub Damljanović

Schneider Electric, Digital Grid Sales VP

Milan Mitrović

Seven Bridges, Chief Product Officer

Vukašin Stojkov

Startit, Co-founder, General Manager

Diana Gligorijević

Telegroup, Marketing Director

Vladimir Lučić

Telekom Srbija, CEO

Our Primary Contacts from Associate Members

Nikola Selak

Braineering IT Solutions, Founder & CTO

Joško Mrndže

Google, Country Manager Adriatics Region

Kosta Andrić

ICT Hub, Managing Partner

Gaia Montelatici

Impact Hub, Co-Founder & CIO

Jelena Janković

Novartis, Market Access Manager

Nebojša Vasiljević

Petlja, Foundation Director

Ivan Dragošan

Symphony, General Manager

Marko Petrović

Visaris, Managing Director