Serbia as a leader
of the 21st century
digital economy


Hello, we are Digital Serbia Initiative

We firmly believe that in a digitally transformed Serbia, each individual will be able to realise their full potential and present their talent and innovative skills on the global market. Serbian companies, each in its own field, will become European leaders of the 21st century digital economy. As a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, our mission is to lead these changes.

We aim to create a business environment that serves digital innovation by strengthening the education system, supporting startups and initiating public dialogue on the advantages of digital transformation of the society.

We are working on creating, adapting and optimising the legislative and regulatory framework to enable the growth and development of IT entrepreneurship and innovative companies. On this path we want to facilitate dialogue between key political, social and economic stakeholders. We recognise the state not only as a partner in digital transformation, but also its keen promoter.

We want to improve education in Serbia at all levels. We are working on improving algorithmic literacy in primary and secondary education. We are working on opening specialised computer science departments in schools. We place particular emphasis on strengthening the higher education system to prepare all students for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our work provides support for startups, to start and expand their business in Serbia and worldwide. We will strive to exchange ideas, form entrepreneurial communities, facilitate access to mentorship and develop programmes to accelerate growth and attract local and foreign capital.

Our goal is to establish an open dialogue and interaction with the general public in Serbia to raise awareness of the opportunities brought about by the digital transformation. We also want to honestly discuss the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are investing in Serbia’s global visibility and positioning as an attractive destination for investors, but also as an excellent place to work and live.